Our Experts

Meet our ragtag band of SuperNerds.

They are definitely both — nerds and super.

Drawing of guy at stickynote board

Ok, so what makes an Infinite Ranges SuperNerd so super, anyway? 

Physically speaking, they’re not faster than a speeding bullet. (The marketing team could probably take most of them in a foot-race.) However, they can leap tall buildings in a single bound... if that building just so happens to be a metaphor for difficult technical challenges.

Ultimately, the Infinite Ranges SuperNerds are hyper-specialized experts who can help you make the best-informed decision(s) possible. They solve problems by not just understanding your technical reqs, but your business drivers, too. They’re the ones who painstakingly vet our partners, who offer our in-depth consultation services, who do the solving of problems around here.

At the end of the day: They know things.

Lots of things.

So you should get to know them.

Rich Rowe

Chief Architect

Enterprise IT Architecture | Cloud Architecture | Cloud Automation

You start with a desire to move to the cloud. Now what’s your next step? You ask Rich Rowe, that’s what you do. Rich is our resident expert in standing up teams, identifying talent type, and ensuring all the appropriate roadmaps are in place to get it done. All in all, he’s great at bringing teams together, mentoring them, and getting all the mechanisms in place so we can deliver on your expectations and match what we put out into the world with your business goals..

When it comes to being customer-focused, Rich Rowe goes far above and far beyond to ensure clients are taken care of. At Infinite Ranges, Rich in large part serves as something of a customer liaison, always keeping in mind what the outcomes will look like for our clients, especially in terms of cost optimization and performance.

Samson Olufuwa

Solutions Architect

Enterprise IT Architecture | Cloud Architecture | Cloud Automation

Having worked for the Viacom-owned internet TV service PlutoTV, Andela, and OnMaxx Solutions, Samson Olufuwa has a wide and impressive array of skill sets that have allowed him to become a master solution-builder in the automation, DevOps, and Cloud Architeching worlds. 

Samson is our ace closer at utilizing Hashicorp (he's currently an author on automation with Terraform), as well as Google Cloud products to built best-in-class solutions. He's got what we call the "Boy Scout Rule," when we make changes to the code base, we should make sure we are leaving it cleaner.  

When he's not doing that, he's a new dad — which also keeps him on his toes, just in a completely different arena. 

If you're looking for something Samson has written, he went viral on Medium a few years ago with this piece.

Chris Davis

Solutions Architect
PKI | Authentication | Encryption
With nearly 30 years of experience in the world of cybersecurity — nearly 20 of which with PepsiCo. —  Chris Davis understands PKI and encryption better than most tech teams, combined. Those looking to lower their risk profile while meeting regulatory compliance and security objectives can stop looking: You’ve found the guy. After learning the ways of PKI during his time at FEMA and the NSA as a CORE (Congressional appointed FTE On-Call Response/Recovery Employee) Chris has provided full state-of-the-art solutions for enterprise and SMB customers alike, allowing them to pass audits, conduct thorough penetration testing all the while allowing them to pursue future growth in a sustained and secure fashion.

Syed Rizvi

Application Security Architect

Automation | Databases | Security

Syed Rizvi is an experienced security engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry at the highest levels. He’s skilled in databases, Java, incident management, ServiceNow, and process automation. He's a strong engineering professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Software Engineering from University of Saskatchewan (where he graduated with honors, we should add).

When we asked him his favorite tools and proficiencies, we had to ask him to slow down, but they all include: VMware EsXi, VMware Workstation, QRadar, Check Point, Snort, Cain and Abel, CISCO ASA Firewall, HP Service Manager, ServiceNow, Splunk, IBM Qradar, SumoLogic, McAfee ESM, ELK stack, CISCO ASA, Cisco DUO, SailPoint IIQ, CyberArk PAS, PAN OS, Team Foundation Server (TFS), Visual Source Safe, NetApp, SubVersioning System (SVN),  Visio Enterprise Architect, Exagrid, Proofpoint, SentinelOne, Carbon Black Defense, InsightVM, Nexpose Console, Pure Storage, and Thycotic Secret Server.