Careers at Infinite Ranges

Why Work At Infinite Ranges?

Um... Because we're awesome? 

Drawing of rocket going into outerspace

We’re Values-Driven

Simply put: We look for great people. That means everybody here isn’t just great at what they do, they’re also just really good people. We like people — helping them, working with them, all of it — and you should too.  What are those Values? Consistency, Honesty, Curiosity, Respect, and Simplicity. 

We Foster A Blameless Culture

We don't call them problems. We call them challenges. A very important distinction, that. Everything is an opportunity here, even abject failure. You won’t be punished for taking big swings, because big-swing-type misses are just future home runs.

We’re Growing, And You Will Too

It's startup life, baby! You’ll get plenty of chances to wear a lot of hats, which means plenty of chances to learn. (Plus, many of our innovation partners flip the bill for certifications and training.)

We Cover Health Benefits

Health, dental, vision and life insurance are covered for you.

We’re 100% Down With 100% Remote

Don’t like the office life? Prefer your favorite pair of ratty heather-gray sweatpants to slacks? Yo. We’re cool with that. Just make sure your top half is somewhat put-together for virtual meetings and we’re good.

We Offer Highly Competitive Salaries

We know working with smartypantses such as yourself comes at a price.