Focus On: Cybersecurity

It’s all fun & games
until somebody gets hacked.

Infinite Ranges can help you and your organization stay safe in this mixed-up-crazy, sometimes-scary digital world.

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But first a brief tirade on cybersecurity misconceptions

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DevOps and DevSecOps are the same thing.

We don't know where it all started — differentiating between the two — but if you're not putting security smack in the middle of your DevOps process, you're merely building a really fancy vulnerability platform. We can help you reduce your liabilities in a major way, just by this clear reframing of what DevOps can (and should) do for your business.

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If you want to conquer the world, you must protect the homeland first.

We put risks into two categories: 1) Smart Risks, which are the lifeblood of any business, where you take an educated guess and go, not necessarily knowing exactly what’ll happen. And 2) Dumb Risks, on the other hand, are those you take with your data. We tackle these kinds of risks by securing every dimension of your company’s security posture, so you go off into the wild blue yonder and do all those neat world-domination-type things you like to do.

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We love people, but sometimes you really gotta automate. 

Humans are great at a lot of things. Electric guitar, say — or balloon animals. They’re also great at falling prey to sophisticated cyber attacks, like phishing. We can help you place the right humans where they should be, and — with a comprehensive catalog of automated, cloud-based products to pull from — shore up where they should just, you know, stick to their own thing.

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There’s nothing like feeling safe in your own standing. 

It’s a fact of business (and life): Reputation is remarkably more important than most executives appreciate. So how your company handles security and customer data — and how you help empower your faithful to protect their own data — says a lot about how much you respect them. And (this should come as no surprise) we feel the same exact way about how you should be treated here.

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Black-hat minds. White-hat hearts.

Our cybersecurity experts have experience penetrating the cyber-defenses of foreign nation-state actors. You wouldn't know it by talking to them, but they're basically real-life John Grisham characters. 

If you're looking for red-teaming experience, we have more than enough to show you where your business' vulnerabilities lie. If you need an incident response, we're there in a heartbeat.

And because we know what works, we tend to focus our after-the-fact solutions on...

  • Identity Access Management (IAM)
  • Encryption, and
  • PKI Infrastructure

So, while we have all the skill sets of some of the most dangerous hackers out there, we just kinda like being the good guys.


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Our favorite paths to success in this world include...

  • Keyfactor — Certificate Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  • Hashicorp Vault — Secrets Management
  • SentinelOne — MDR
  • Azure 03/05 — o365 Enterprise Security
  • — Cloud SIEM
  • Fortify1 — CMMC Platform
  • ColorTokens — Endpoint Security
  • Semperis — Active Directory Disaster Recovery
  • KnowBe4 — Security training
  • Red Canary — Incident Response and MDR
  • Morpheus — Hybrid Cloud Governance
  • Sonatype — Dynamic Code Scanning
  • WhiteSource  — Static Code Scanning
  • Nucleaus — Dynamic Code Scanning




Everything you wanted to know about Sec but were too insecure to ask. 

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