The Innovation Lab

A virtual playground for SuperNerds.

Is there anything a SuperNerd likes more than a SuperLab? We can't think of anything. (Well, maybe winning an argument, they do like that).

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The Infinite Ranges Innovation Lab is a special place, a virtual training environment where we use Not For Resale licenses from our Innovation Partners to demonstrate their tool(s), see use cases, all that. We feel like you can't be serious about DevOps/Modern IT without your own lab.

Oh and the best part? We’re not salespeople. You'll never have to talk to a salesperson once, ever, in this entire process.

We’re actual experts in these products, their use cases, their strengths and weaknesses. The problems they’re good at solving? We know them first-hand. We can give you our straight-up opinion on what works and what doesn’t. (It also helps to have an actual space to show those folks in your org who are less technologically inclined).

Secondary benefit: We use the Innovation Lab to train on functionality of products — how they work in concert with each other — and improve our own expertise. Not a bad gig.


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