Our RangeX

Like if Robocop was a headhunter.

Proprietary A.I. that can find the person/people you need in 5 days or less — and terminate them with extreme prejudice. 

Just kidding on that last bit… probably.


There are a lot of SuperNerds in the world — not enough for all the SuperNerds stuff there is to do, but still, quite a bit of them — and we’ve only got a small fraction on staff. 

As a solutions-first-type institution, we realized pretty quickly that we’d be out of luck if we didn’t develop some way of finding people who aren’t us. (For the fact of the matter, we can’t even find ourselves sometimes).

So we put our own SuperNerds on the case and developed one of the best, most effective means of hunting down hyper-specialized talent in this space.

What’s this all mean for you? Easy.

We can find hyper-specialized experts to integrate products, solve your issues, and/or do a deep-dive to fit your needs in 5 days. Usually closer to 3 days.



And now, a kind word from our friends at...

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“I am amazed at the quantity and quality of candidates and the detailed information that [Infinite Ranges] was able to provide to me in such a short amount of time. To be honest, as a skeptic, I ran the list of names through our ATS to see how many would be duplicates  because I assumed that we'd run into the same people. I was shocked when only 2 of the 39 people came back as matches. SHOCKED! Our database, as you can imagine, is very extensive. I've already reached out  to a number of the candidates that you're results provided, given that you also gave me contact information (GOLD MINE!) and I'm eager to close this role soon.”




on the

Your needs go in
— beep boop bop —
the right SuperNerds come out.