HR Professionals

I’m in HR.

What’s In It For Me?

Come back to us when you know some Devops stuff! Booooo!

... Kidding! We love you all. We seriously admire what you do.  It can’t be easy dealing with all those… non-Supernerd types. 


Anyway, what’s in it for you is simple: Speed.

Because the Supernerds like working with us (and us them), we can find highly-specialized talent, sometimes in a matter of hours. Not weeks. Not days. Hours, we said. Technologists, engineers, analysts. You have an outcome in mind, and we have the bodies chilling in the freezer. Wait.

Nix that. Bodies... uh... warming... 

No. Not that way.

We have our people ready to go.

There we go. Much better.

Oh… and we got so good at this that even uses us to hire. We couldn’t take the irony, so we had the guy there write us this letter of recommendation:


See? Crazy, right? We’re actually as good as we say we are!

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