In DevSecOps, efficiency's everything.

(We even used a contraction there to prove our point^)

Imagine this… The year: 2022. The people hiring DevOps experts: Not DevOps experts.  Yeah, still. If you told us this five years ago, we would’ve fainted. Got the vapors. But here we are, and nothing’s changed. We’ve come to tell you that these hiring blunders are nobody’s fault, per se.

It's just why we built the tech that connects DevSecOps experts with work they'll love to do.

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Wow, that was a little trip!

Like we said: Here we are.

The year IS 2022 and the whole hiring part of the tech world has largely not caught up with everything else. Non-experts are still going out into the wild blue internet, doing their best to cull the DevSecOps wheat from the DevSecOps chaff. 

And that’s bad. For both sides.

HR reps don’t know where to look. They feel out of their depth. Frustrated… and the real DevSecOps experts — like perhaps, say, you — are overlooked for candidates who simply know how to bullsh*t better.

See? Bad.

Enter: Our hero >


Hi there. We’re Infinite Ranges.

A new vision: A new kid in town connects SuperNerds with their passion, with their expertise, with their — as the French say — raison d'être.

*trumpets blare*


*Roundhouse kick*

Wow, that was rousing!


So, uh, who are you guys really? >


Us? So glad you asked.

We’re the DevSecOps experts that non-DevSecOps experts call when they need DevSecOps experts.

We find, train, support, and just like… hang out with DevSecOps experts (as you saw above, we call them SuperNerds). 

Our head SuperNerds were some of the founding fathers of this space (don’t call them that to their faces, though). They were creating, evolving, and burnishing systems before DevSecOps was called DevSecOps.

We got together and built a one-of-a-kind platform to find these kinds of specialists. We call it RangeX

Now RangeX is a scalable way for other non-DevSecOps non-experts in the world (there are a lot of them) to find the right talent, fast. They can rest easy knowing that they aren’t being conned by some Slick Rick McDevSecOps, letting some unknown quantity build and maintain the fundamental framework for their company. 

We vet. We endorse. We do it all. We put the right people in the right places. And we’re doing our best right now, trying to talk to both candidates and candidate-seekers. We gotta stop that to start making sense.

Think that sounds good? Well, now let's start with what camp do you fall into?


need not

Tell us your nerdy dreams > 



"I'd like one SuperNerd Please..."

"And make it snappy" >